Rubbing Fenders: Who is the Newest Miss Sprint Cup, Madison Martin?

Updated: March 19, 2014
NASCAR Winter Testing - Day 1

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By Joseph Wolkin-Associate Editor (@JosephNASCAR)

Mar. 19, 2014

NEW YORK – Hailing from a small city in the midst of Maryland is where the newest member of the Miss Sprint Cup trio was hiding. Madison Martin, a native of Cumberland, a city that holds approximately 20,500 people, became the freshest face for the Miss Sprint Cup program during the NASCAR off-season. The latest addition to the trio has a fresh mix of gorgeous sun-like reddish-orange hair, which is complete different from her peers who both have stunning blonde hair.

As for Martin, however, she is the rookie to the group which foresees the arguably ultimate experience for a fan at any given sporting event in the nation. At the Sprint Experience, Martin and the other two Miss Sprint Cup’s help make the race-day experience greater than anything they have witnessed in the past. This one-of-a-kind event is open for the duration of each race weekend, and provides fans with a cusp of the action without even getting to their seats yet.

Usually the first thing a fan sees when they walk into a track is the giant Sprint signs, and that is where one will find the Sprint Experience. Not only does the experience bring fans closer to the action, but they can win prizes as well. No, they don’t need to know every little thing about the sport. You can simply be a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan just like Martin, and possibly win a hat.

During the 2013 NASCAR season, the Sprint Experience welcomed over three and a half million visitors, and Martin is already getting adjusted to meeting so many race fans after being one of them for the majority of her life. Martin’s mother is an Earnhardt Jr. fan, and witnessing him win the Daytona 500 this year was arguably the best way for her to start out her career working in the NASCAR industry.

“My mom is a huge Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, so I would say by default that I like Junior as well if I had to pick a single favorite. For me, it was pretty special that my first victory lane at the Daytona 500 was with Dale Earnhardt Jr. I think for me, that is going to be a hard one to top,” Martin said.

Usually the first thing a fan sees when they walk into a track is the giant Sprint signs, and that is where one will find the Sprint Experience. Not only does the experience bring fans closer to the action, but they can win prizes as well. No, they don’t need to know every little thing about the sport. You can simply be a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan just like Martin, and possibly win a hat.

“The Sprint Experience is where I spend a lot of time with fans. I love the Sprint Experience. It is an area in the mid-way where the fans can come in (and they don’t have to be a Sprint Customer) and play a lot of different games. One of my favorites is when fans enter their top-five picks for the race and enter to win an autographed helmet by the race winner. We have the Sprint store there with the new Sprint Framily plan that fans can sign up for, and can add up to 10 family members and others. It is all separate billing and it saves you plenty of money,” Martin explained in an interview with Motor Racing Scene on Tuesday afternoon.

This all new Framily Plan from Sprint is huge, especially for NASCAR fans. Since fans usually like to Tweet during races at home or even at the track, the Framily Plan gives them a huge discount. Not only can you add up to 10 members of your family and/or friends, but your rates will be as low as $25 per month.

The way Martin got into racing was quite compelling.

Growing up, Martin didn’t have the greatest interest in NASCAR. However, she always loved sports. Martin excelled in golf while attending high school and college, and is also a fan of the New England Patriots. Her first race came at Richmond in 2008 when he mother decided to finally bring her to a NASCAR event. It turned out to be a race that would change her life as she was not only introduced to the sport she now loves, but her future career.

While attending Frostburg State University, Martin majored in communications. A recent college graduate, she was able to earn credentials for a race at Richmond to showcase her talent as a journalist. During that time, she worked on her school’s newspaper with a NASCAR column, and even had her own blog. Meanwhile, as she was focusing on her education, her mom was finding out about the Miss Sprint Cup program.

“My story is kind of interesting because I was introduced to Miss Sprint Cup at my first ever NASCAR race back in 2008. I was pulled on stage by Monica Palumbo, which was my first introduction to NASCAR as well as Miss Sprint Cup. I was studying broadcast journalism at the time in college, and my mom took the initiative to find out more and find out how to apply. It turns out that you have to be 22-years-old, have a college degree and all of those necessary credentials. So, I waited until I was 22. I applied,” Martin said as she explained the process of what she had to do to become a candidate for Miss Sprint Cup.

“Then, you have to go through a normal interview process. There are some on-camera tests obviously as well as some social media tests and background checks. But it was pretty normal for a job interview. I will say, it was probably one of the hardest interviews I have ever had in my life, but that was because I wanted the job so bad and was so nervous about it the entire time. Basically, you go through a process and cut it down to less and less stress each time. I just happened to have made it through. I’m lucky to have gotten here and I’m having a blast so far.”

So far, Martin has been to each of the first four races. With a well-deserved off-weekend in her sight, she has begun to earn a new appreciation for not only NASCAR, but for those who work in the industry. Going from a small town like some of the drivers and crew members, to traveling across this amazing country on a weekly basis, Martin is having the time of her live getting to meet so many great people.

Martin also participates in a segment on Fox Sports 1′s NASCAR Race Hub with Kim Coon and Brooke Werner as they do a weekly interview with one of the drivers. The experience has been incredible for her so far, and there is no end in sight either.

“Right before I got the call today, I was watching Fox Sports 1 doing the Ask MSC (Ask Miss Sprint Cup) segment that we do weekly with Fox Sports 1 for Race Hub. If a fan has a question for their favorite driver, they can Tweet @MissSprintCup with a hashtag #AskMSC, and we always try to get that question out. We usually ask questions with Fox Sports 1 as well as on the Miss Sprint Cup You Tube page. The biggest part for me with the journalism is, we do driver interviews all the time. Whether it be after driver introductions, out at the Sprint Experience which is our display out at the track where fans can find out more about us and the latest plans from Sprint including the new Framily plan. In a suite appearance, we often have drivers appear at the suits too. I’m confident when having to develop my own questions for drivers, which is really easy for me most of the time since I do have a journalism background.”

As a spokeswoman for not only Sprint, but for NASCAR, Martin understands her responsibilities for the sport. After interning with the Fox New Channel, and now being a part of the FOX team, it appears as if she will be continuing her journalism career. Prepared for being on television, radio or even reporting, Martin feels as if she will be able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

Right now, however, her primary focus is the job at hand-Miss Sprint Cup.

What makes her happy is when she makes a fan happy. While at the races, anyone can see just how happy people are to be at the Sprint Experience, getting to meet someone with so much access to the sport they all cherish. She has been able to learn about the sport by being surrounded by great people, and that is what is going to be the key to her success along with patience.

Sprint also announced on Sunday morning that the voting has begun for the Sprint All-Star Race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in May. Martin understands how the business world works in sports after being a life-long fan on most major sports, and still is amazed at how much Sprint does for race fans.

“Without a doubt, Sprint brings information to the fans like no other. That is without a doubt the best thing that they do. For any fan that is out there, they can download the NASCAR Mobile App and get race updates, race highlights, in-car audio and more. All of this is on their phone or tablet, and the app is free for Sprint customers. I would say that is the biggest thing. They are always on top of everything. They give fans choice. We just announced on Sunday when the Sprint Fan Zone went live that fans can now vote for the Sprint All-Star Race. Before that, we had the Sprint Unlimited where fans also got to voice their opinions on the sport. I think that is just the most unique part about Sprint is that they are giving opportunities to fans to shape the sport that they love, and no other sport lets you do that. It is very unique.”

Heading down the road, Martin wants to be a part of the NASCAR universe. Traveling on a weekly basis might be a burden at first, yet for Martin, it is making the fans happy which makes her want to go round in ovals across the country just like NASCAR drivers do.

“If someone is happy because they talk to me and discuss their favorite driver and other sports, then that makes my day. I like seeing fans at the track. I have seen so many people from my area in Maryland since I started this; it blows my mind (she jokes) because I’m from a small town. It is cool to see how many people come out, and are just so excited to meet the Miss Sprint Cups and enjoy the race weekend.”